Monuments of India

Old Quarter, Karauli
Karauli is a small town a few hours away from Delhi in beautiful Rajasthan. It is an old princely state situated in the golden triangle of India (Delhi/Jaipur/Agra.) It retains a lovely rural feel one can find extraordinary palaces and heritage buildings and monuments here. You can walk around the Old Quarter where there is a marketplace selling trinkets like bangles made of lacquer and silver, wooden utensils and indigenously manufactured kitchen items.
This place is a sweet lover’s haven and you can try exclusive Indian sweets here like petha made of pumpkin, jaggery, peanut, gajak made of sesame seeds and many other mouth watering sweets.
It is actually possible to stay at a royal palace in Karauli which had been built in 1938 for its ruler. The speciality of this place is not only its royal heritage but also the fact that it produces most of its own vegetable and grains from its adjoining farm house and dairy. The palace is decorated with original paintings from the royal era and replicated furniture which were used by royalty. The Masala Chai or spiced tea here is extremely famous.
Other must visit places in Karauli include the Bhanwar Vilas Palace, Madan Mohanji Temple, City Palace, Kalyanji Temple, Mahaveerji Jain Temple and the Kaila Devi Sanctuary and National Park. This national park acts as a buffer zone to the famous Ranthambore National Park and is synonymous with Project Tiger. The Chambal river flows through this Park and it is covered with lush greenery. You may spot jackals, wild boars, leopards, sloth bears, hyenas, wolves and if you’re lucky you just might spot the effervescent tiger too.
Another place worth a visit is the Karauli City Palace which is said to be 600 years old being built in the 14th Century. You will find a treasure trove of architecture, stone carvings, gorgeous glass work, classic paintings and frescoes here.
You can travel in quaint little tuk-tuk’s here or you can even take a jeep safari to the stunning Timangarh Fort which was constructed in 1100 AD. All in all the Old Quarters of Karauli will make for a unique small town visit apart from the usual touristy spots.