Monuments of India

Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple is also known as the Bahai Temple or the Bahai House of pure worship. Located in New Delhi this temple is an important monument in the city. This beautiful temple is built in the shape of a Lotus and is one of the only seven Bahai temples in the world. The Lotus Temple was completed in 1986. It is set amidst lush green gardens and the structure is built out of white marble.
Other materials used in the construction of this architectural wonder include cement, dolomite and even sand. It took ten years to complete the construction of this stunning temple. Reaching a staggering height of forty metres, it took 800 people to finish the construction of this temple. It is a combined effort of a brilliant team of engineers, technicians, and workers.
This temple was designed by architect Furiburz Sabha. He is said to have chosen the shape of the lotus for this Bahai temple because the symbol of the lotus is common to all religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam. Lotus is also said to be the symbol of love and purity.The special point of this temple is that people from any religion can visit this temple and pray or meditate.
You are sure to find peace and calm here to meditate and pray as any sort of noise or disturbance is prohibited here. This system is in regard to the following of Buddhist traditions which emphasize on meditation as a means to experience devotion and divinity.
The Lotus Temple is an architectural wonder being in the shape of a lotus 27 flawless white-marble petals. It has won many architectural awards for the sheer brilliant design. It was built with an aim of bringing together people from all faiths. A point to note is that photography is prohibited inside the temple.