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Kalakho, a perfect weekend destination in Rajasthan, India, has a mesmerizing touch of green. It is located amidst Aravalli Hills and feasts any visitors' eyes with the picture of serene beauty. Kalakho lies very near to the Golden tourist triangle Delhi, Jaipur and Agra and the area is least explored. Lots of attractions are in the kitty of Kalakho, with the treasure of the golden fields, hilly terrains, Monsoon Lakes, the lengthy deserts and ancestral forts. Very old temples, even as old as 8th century marvels, and historical buildings are added attractions to this place. This is a perfect place to take retreat, to enjoy the natural worldly pleasures and to feel the calm, beautiful atmosphere. The forest area of Khalakho is a paradise of the bird watchers, with migrating world of birds. The famous Siberian Cranes can easily be sighted here, of course with other bird other species. One can experience and dare to have a desert safari, which is breathtaking. There are some beautiful places in and around Kalakho, which have already found a place in tourist maps, which include Abhaneri, Bhangarh, Bhandarej and Madhogarh. The rarest experience of camel cart rides or charming and rejunevating retreat, Kalakho provides you the best you look for from tourism. Kalakho stands like a golden field against the picturesque backdrop of hills, welcoming the nature lovers and tourists to its paradise. This is a place must see in India.

Here the 8th century baoli is enormous was built by Raja Chand, a Nikumbha Rajput of the Chamana Dynasty, it was close to 65 ft deep. It takes 3500 narrow and steep steps to reach the water. Now the step well is under the Archaeological survey of India, who have expertly managed to make this age old monument look like a thing of the future with their heavy metal frames.

And just across the well is the Harshata Mata temple dedicated to Parvati. It was built in 7th century in Mahameru style and its carvings was similar to the carvings of Khajuraho temple.






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