Our Concept

At Expedition 2 India, we believe in the freedom of choice and in the power of the individual's preference. Everyone's idea of a holiday is different, which is why we cater to individual tastes and preferences. As such, we are passionate about quality in-as-much as we are about India! We aim to offer our customers not just 'any trip' to India, but a complete 'India-experience', wherein everyone can immerse themselves headlong into the ostentatious display of sights and sounds, the oscillating sprinkling of color and the very pulse of this warm, vibrant and bewilderingly exotic country.

Our tailor-made itineraries are based on our knowledge and intimate understanding of the likes and dislikes of our guests. While designing these itineraries, Expedition2  India does much more than just offering various destinations and regions to choose from. On the contrary, we follow a theme-based concept, which allows our customers to make a choice between various themes like Heritage, Nature, Wildlife, Adventure, Relaxation and Wellness or Different regions of India, etc. 

Depending on the guest's input, we then create a comprehensive tailor-made travel plan, which can include everything from your honeymoon in India, to unique accommodations, from the activities of your choice, to your preferred mode and frequency of travel within the country. In this way, even if a guest does not have too much prior knowledge and insight about India, They can be rest assured that our itinerary caters to your every interests and preferences.

The underlying factor in all of this is of course a very high level of quality and professionalism. In order to ensure quality, we have ourselves traveled the length and the breadth of the country to personally choose the most appropriate kind of destinations, accommodations, activities and staff for our guests. We want each of our guests to feel comfortable and special, and will go out of our way to provide an unforgettable and trouble-free experience, Right from organizing unique sightseeing trips to procuring bottled drinking water, customers can be rest assured that they are traveling with the right people. 

Professionalism with an extremely personal touch - that's what Expedition 2 India is all about!


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