As a growing company, EXPEDITION 2 Inc., is always on the look-out for sharp, energetic, travel-minded people to join our team. People who understand that the more you travel in it, the bigger the world gets.

We’re in the wonderful business of translating our travelers’ dreams into reality, through close attention to detail, commitment to service, and a constant, imaginative search for new travel opportunities on the sub-continent. In short, the sky’s the limit (and if one of those space tourism businesses gets off the ground, we’ll be zipping past that limit with them).

From its beginnings, EXPEDITION 2 Inc has worked hard to create a familial work environment, one firmly based on performance, respect, and creative fun. It’s a marvelously diverse family, not only in our headquarters in Los Angeles, but around the   world. Our employment opportunities are resolutely fair and open to all, with consideration given solely to job-related factors.

Available Positions :
Business Development Manager (USA ) From February 2017 (FILLED)

The Business Development Manager is responsible for developing business and reaching target requirements for their assigned territory. Other responsibilities include:

  • Destination knowledge
  • Customer / Client services
  • Client meetings / sales calls and follow up
  • Supplier involvement when applicable
  • Building Group business


  • 5+ Years experience working with a Tour Operator
  • Able to make travel product presentations to customers/destination knowledge in front of audiences which can range as high as 20-30 persons at one time.
  • Must have excellent communication skills both in writing and speaking. Must be able to create proposals and close agreements/sales prospects with preferred agencies and consortiums
  • Sales-oriented, target driven, proven records in sales with costing
  • Honest and hardworking
  • Excellent time management skills and organizational skills
  • Strong computer stills - proficient in Word, Powerpoint, Excel

Trip Coordinator (India)  From September 2016 (FILLED)

Our Trip Coordinator job is  the "sexier" of our many itinerant jobs. You swan around India, going to nice restraunts with nice people.

Profile and Job Description

As Trip Coordinators, we are above all hosts.  Our fellow travelers are our guests, and we owe it to them to make them feel welcome and comfortable on our trips.  In order to accomplish this, consistently and for all types of people, we must ourselves, individually, “feel” it.  We are genuinely friendly, social, and generous people, attentive to the needs of others.

These are not usually characteristics that can be learned as an adult, if they can be learned at all (this is not the place for the “nature versus nurture” debate).  Before you apply, consider carefully whether they describe you.  Your enjoyment of the job, and your professional success, will depend on honest self-appraisal in this department.

We act as cultural intermediaries between our guests and the cultures of the countries through which we pass.  We translate menus, explain local customs, and deal with restaurants and hotels.  As “India Expert,” this means that we must know quite a bit about India, or at least the part of it in which we are travelling, in order to fulfill the expectations of our guests.  If we are native Indian, we must instead have lived somewhere in the “New World,” "Americas" and for long enough to understand how our long-lost cousins tick, and we must view them with sympathy and understanding.

We are group leaders:  we maintain a positive group dynamic.  At the same time, we remain attentive to individual needs, and especially to an individual guest’s need for privacy and discretion.  Again, the ability to relate to, work well with, and be sensitive to the needs of a wide variety of people, is indispensable to our work.

We handle all the administrative detail of travel for our guests, making reservations, buying tickets, paying bills, and assisting in the transport of cars,air and luggage, usually by rail.  Since we control the trip budget, careful record keeping is required, and good organizational / managerial skills are needed.  This is one of the hardest aspects of the job, and one of great importance.  It is not enough to bring in a shoe box full of receipts at the end of the tour, much more is expected of us in the domain of record keeping.

We understand and agree with our company’s mission statement: (Expedition 2 India curates unique, very local and offbeat travel experiences in India.)  the creation of small-footprint, ecological trips, that do their best to show off the country and cultures through which they pass.  Our goal is not so much as economy as discretion, essential to making ourselves (and our guests) welcome in the places we travel.  

We trust and support each other, in all circumstances.   And we, ourselves, merit the trust that we ask of our colleagues.  

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we must be flexible and quick thinking, since we will often be called upon to solve unanticipated problems as they arise.

A Warning:

...this is a great job once you've learned the ropes.  But it is not a great job at first.  It is difficult, complex work, for which you are on call all the time, and (initially) poorly paid.  Keeping on top of your obligations to your guests and your colleagues, while maintaining your sanity, requires efficient organization, high energy, infinite patience, and a rich sense of humor.  You will quickly discover that as a Trip Coordinator, travelling is not your first priority.  If you just want to ride a car around India with fun people, you are looking for a vacation, not a job.  May we suggest one of our trips?

Paradoxically, as the pay improves year to year, the job gets easier and more fun.  With the result that most of our Coordinators stay for many years.  The average our last four “full-timers” was about 10 years of service each.  So, clearly, there are worse ways to make a living. 

Qualifications required to apply for the job of Trip Coordinator.

In order to be considered for this position, you MUST...
  1. ...above all, be an enthusiastic “people person,” an all-around kind individual.
  2. You should have a love of travel, a profound appreciation for cultures that are not your own, and for food and wine.
    This is probably the only job for which you will ever apply where “I drink a lot” is a plus on your application form.  Well, within reason...  :-). 

  3. You must be available for at least eight months (more preferred) in the period between August 1st and March 31st.  It helps to be able to work at either the beginning or the end of this time span, if not both.
    While we are not required to verify the legal status of independent contractors, But a PAN number is definitely required.
  4. You must be proficient in English ,English is generally the most useful, followed by french, and one of those two is essential.   

    Consideration is given to candidates who speak English and other Indian languages fluently.

    We cannot consider candidates, even for part-time employment, whose only non-English Indian language is Hindi.  Yes, we know, everyone told you to study Hindi in school, it was “so much more useful.”  Well it is, in America when you travel as Trip Coordinator with an Indian Tourist's group traveling to USA.  

  5. You will need excellent organizational skills.
  6. You must possess the physical ability to comfortably ride all our routes and handle some heavy lifting.
The summary of job responsibilities:
·         Assistance  in preparation of Travel  documents for the clients like confirmation vouchers.
·         Once the booking is confirmed , assistance in post booking operations with the service providers and suppliers.
·         Follow up with the suppliers/ service providers  on booking confirmations.
·         Follow up with Hotels, Transporters and Guides  on reconfirmation of Travel Bookings.
·         Once the Travel begins, Trip Coordinator have to ensure the smooth arrival / pickup of the guest and transfer to the Hotel . Helping  in check in formalities.
·         Meeting suppliers and clients for work related requirements.
·         Timely ensuring  with the Transporter and Driver that the itinerary  is followed according to the plan.
·         Converse with customer once and if required, even more than once on daily basis during their stay to ensure that all travel arrangements are going smooth as per itinerary.
·         Establishing and maintaining interpersonal  relationships.
·         Ensure smooth departure of the customer once the trip concludes.
The main motive  of the Coordinator should be proper coordination between customer, service providers / Suppliers  and Expedition Team and ensure smooth functioning of the Trip.
India (Delhi) OR USA (Los Angeles)
The person needs to work out of our New Delhi office for for 15-18 months, First 3 months as an intern/contractor.
Job Responsibilities
  • Create and implement online customer acquisition campaigns to drive sales using a variety of targeting strategies, programmatic and real-time buys, and other digital best practices. Achieve assigned revenue targets.
  • Provide a proactive and forward thinking commercial approach to the delivery of effective SEO and SEM strategies (Organic and Paid). Manage search budgets with the objective of maximizing online revenue and minimizing cost-of-sale
  • Manage website and mobile channel content, ensuring that all content is on-brand.
  • Oversee effective and cost efficient online media buying to support the acquisition/awareness objectives of the Tour and provide accurate reporting on media spend/results.
  • Manage relationships with digital marketing and web development agencies.
  • Using analytics tool track campaign performance, optimize campaigns as required and recommend strategies to maximize ROI.
  • Create, manage and implement a CRM strategy in partnership with Consumer Insights team, including devising appropriate data capture initiatives.
  • Work with the team to ensure marketing databases are used effectively and creatively for driving revenue from consumers and trade.
  • Working with Marketing Manager and Digital Agency, develop on-brand engaging creative for use online and in paid social.
  • Optimize the online customer journey and steward the integrity of the Studio Tour websites.
  • Stay current on industry trends and competitive landscape to ensure we become a leader in the outbound space.
Job Requirements:
  • Degree educated with at least 1 year commercial online marketing experience, preferably within tourism or travel industry.
  • 1 year website management.
  • 1 year using a Content Management System.
  • 1 year experience using web analytics tools.
  • 2-3 years experience working with a creative tool like Photoshop.
  • 2-3 years leverage social media platforms for paid advertising.
  • Experience building and optimizing Google AdWords SEM campaigns.
  • Experience managing agency relationships.
  • Strong digital acumen.
  • Excellent communicator.
  • Strong commercial acumen to understand digital marketing economics.
  • Strong organizational skills and highly deadline driven.
  • Ability to cope in a busy and challenging environment and work to fast deadlines.
  • Resourceful, proactive, innovative thinker.
  • Ability to work independently with limited supervision.
  • Enthusiastic and creative team player.
  • Have the ability to support collaborative and team environment.
  • Excellent copywriting skills.
  • Previous experience using Drupal CMS.
  • Previous experience using Google Analytics or other web analytics platform.



Junior Graphic Designer : From August 2017

India (Delhi)


Job brief


Expedition 2 Corp. (E2I) is looking for a creative Graphic designer with up-to-date knowledge to interpret our needs and to design solutions with high visual impact. You will work on a variety of products, including websites, Email Markeing , Social Media platforms , exhibitions, Brochures, corporate identity etc. and you will cooperate with our designers and sales team.

The goal is to get the E2I's message across.



  • Cultivate a solid body of work
  • Take the design “brief” to record requirements and clients needs
  • Schedule project implementation and define budget constraints
  • Work with a wide range of media and use graphic design software
  • Think creatively and develop new design concepts, graphics and layouts
  • Prepare rough drafts and present your ideas
  • Amend final designs to clients comments and gain full approval
  • Work as part of a team with copywriters, designers, stylists, executives etc.



  • Proven graphic designing experience
  • Possession of creative flair, versatility, conceptual/visual ability and originality
  • Demonstrable graphic design skills with a strong portfolio
  • Ability to interact, communicate and present ideas
  • Up to date with industry leading software and technologies (In Design, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc)
  • Highly proficient in all design aspects
  • Professionalism regarding time, costs and deadlines

What’s Next?

If your application is shortlisted, we will contact you to schedule a telephone interview as a first step. Compensation details will only be discussed at the interview stage and salary levels are dependent upon an applicant’s background and profile.


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